Committee for Enhancement of Elder Friendly Environments (CEEFE)

A Little History:

A strategic meeting of local geriatricians in 1999 gathered together to tackle the issue of delirium. They created the Delirium Prevention and Education Project, initially at Hamilton Health Sciences, subsequently for RGPc.

With the completion of the delirium project, the group evolved into CEEFE in 2002. They widened their membership, involved other regional hospitals and set new goals:

  1. To achieve an Elder Friendly Environment in all areas of Hamilton hospitals
  2. To foster positive attitudes to aging in all hospital staff
  3. To promote a physical environment conducive to safety, comfort and ease of way finding for older individuals and those with disabilities
  4. To advise hospital management on the development and implementation of programs to enhance the care of older people
  5. To promote the dissemination of new and existing knowledge widely, to support the above directions

Moving Forward:
CEEFE aims to provide support according to the Ontario Senior Friendly Framework:

  • Organizational Support
  • Processes of Care
  • Emotional and Behavioural Environment
  • Ethics in Clinical Care and Research
  • Physical Environment


Delirium Poster

Depression Poster

Building Bridges: Successful Transitions in Care Poster

Successful Transitions Powerpoint Presentation

Successful Transitions Pocket card #1

Successful Transitions Pocket card #2

 Seniors Month Presentation 2014 on “Are you a Delirium Detective?”

Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) Pocket Card

Seniors month 2014 CEEFE Final Report

Responsive Behaviours Presentation 2015

Response Behaviours -Triggers and documentation Pocket Card