Organization Passport

PASSPORT UPDATEDWhat is the Value?

The passport is geared towards organizations that are looking to train 3-5 individuals in the Geriatric Certificate Program. The Organization Passport was created so that organizations can train more than one person on a specific health care team to build team/program capacity. Training individuals together as a team can promote leadership and champions in a health care setting.

If a team is educated together, there is more opportunity to create positive change and enhance standardization of practice in geriatric education.

Applying for the passport will allow an organization to purchase up to five (5) individual registrations at a significantly reduced cost.

Who is Eligible?

Organizations with health care professionals (regulated and non-regulated) with an interest in geriatrics.


To fill out the application form, please click on the following link: Passport Application

Contact Information:

Kristy McKibbon, Program Coordinator
Geriatric Certificate Program
St. Peter’s Hospital
88 Maplewood Avenue Hamilton, ON
L8M 1W9
905-777-3837 ext. 12460