• GERAS Fall Newsletter

    Check out the GERAS Fall Newsletter for updates from the GERAS Team!

  • Geriatric Certificate Program – Register Today!

    The GCP was developed and launched in Hamilton, ON. The program brings the best geriatric educators together – it consists of core educational courses/workshops that are offered through well-known healthcare organizations and clinical educators. Want to know more? Check out our website HERE to learn more about the program!

  • Welcome Natasha!

    The RGPc would like to welcome Natasha Bhasin. Natasha has joined the RGPc team as the new AGE-ON Program Assistant. Click HERE to learn more about Natasha!

  • Have you heard of the Senior Alcohol Misuse Indicator Tool?

    The goal of the SAMI as a brief senior specific screening tool is to provide a gentle, non-confrontational approach to elicit information to determine if there are concerns related to alcohol use/misuse. To learn more about SAMI click HERE.